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Admeus is a platform specialized for the management of online events, making easy the organization and management of any event, congress or reunion.

The platform was launched in order to hold all kinds of events. From simple meetings to international congresses.

With this tool, your event has access to a website with own domain, a fully customizable form, abstracts, online and manual payments, digital certificates, participant communications and video conferencing (virtual Conferences and webinars) in any device and anywhere.

Simplify your event online



The event website has become the main channel of communication between organizations and their participants.

When creating your event on Admeus, you can have a web page with your own domain, choose a layout automatically and also gather all the information / content in one place on any device.


Creation and availability of registration page for your participant, with a totally mobile friendly form and customizable according to the needs of your event.


Evento Digital

Digital Conference

With the Admeus digital event management platform, you can have an integrated solution in your virtual or hybrid event.

Video Conference

With this feature you can configure and organize your congresses, conferences, meetings and days in livestreaming, from anywhere and on any device with our platform.

Virtual Exhibitor

We have developed an interactive area for exhibitors at their virtual / hybrid event. It can have descriptions, product information, pdfs, external links and contacts. All exhibitors can choose whether they want to video chat to speak to each participant.


Within the personal area, all participants are able to view the posters submitted at their event.


We have included an interactive area within the personal area, where the participant can vote on a certain topic. 

Now you can hold the general meeting of your company / association in complete safety.

Don't stop, just reinvent yourself with Admeus!